Why Fredopolis Tours?




The town of Mykonos was built in such a way to confuse and disorient marauding pirates who were attempting to loot the Mykonians.  Everyone who has visited the island knows that if you take a walk through Mykonos, at some point, you will surely find yourself lost. This can be considered a time to explore and be adventurous,   but when you want to party and get to the right “places to be” in Mykonos, you may never get there!  Let Fredopolis Tours guide you through the labyrinth that is Mykonos town. Don’t waste your precious holiday time being lost, use it wisely and let the experts take you where you need to be.


When you are part of the Fredopolis flock, you get special treatment from all the world famous clubs and bars we visit. There will never be a wait to get in, there will never be a cover charge, and each new club will greet every Fredopolis tour member with either outstanding drink specials or a complimentary concoction made up by their master mixologists.  You will have fun with people from all around the world who have travelled to Mykonos so they can party with you!  


We love to party and we do it 7 days a week.  Join a group at Fredopolis Tours and meet new and interesting people from all around the world who are there to have fun and party in the top spots of the world famous island of Mykonos, Greece.  This is the place to see and be seen.  Book a Club Tour with Fredopolis, and you will follow the footsteps of top “A List” celebrities who have been spotted partying their asses off at the places we will take you.


Here are some of the famous people who have partied in Mykonos:



Sofia Vergara

Brad Pitt

Russell Crow

Linsay Lohan

Angelina Jolie

Tom Cruise

Alessandra Ambrosio

Robert Deniro

John Travolta


Naomi Campbell

Tom Hanks

Katy Perry

Johnny Depp

P Diddy


Paris Hilton

Harrison Ford

Sarah Jessica Parker

Michael Jordan

Cristiano Ronaldo