What To Expect


We will meet at the first venue which will be either at the Old Port of Mykonos or near the Fabrika taxi/bus Square in Mykonos Town at 6:45 PM where you will check in and have an opportunity to mingle and get to know the people who will be in our group. There will be a chill vibe and we will enjoy some appetizers and cocktails as we prepare for the best night ever.  When everyone has arrived, and we are all feeling good, we will begin walking through the picturesque streets and landmarks of Mykonos Town, past the famous Windmills and  breathtaking Little Venice. We suggest you bring a camera as there will be plenty of memorable photo opportunities which you can upload to our site.  


As the night progresses, so will the vibe and energy of the spots we will visit.  We will walk through Mykonos’ labyrinth maze of narrow, whitewashed streets and find ourselves at 3-4 famous Mykonos clubs, bars, pubs, and hot spots that will treat the Fredopolis Group with full VIP service.  It is hassle free and will get you past

any lines, cover charges, or problems of any kind.  They will take care of you in the famous Mykonian hospitality tradition.  If you just can’t bring yourself to leave any one of the fabulous venues on the tour, you are always free to stay as long as you like, or re-join us later on.  


After the tour is over, you can also feel free to trace your steps back to any of your favorite places we visited and party till dawn!  When they see you wearing a Fredopolis Tours Bracelet, they will always treat you right.