It is rumored that back in the day, when Mykonos was a village of fishermen and farmers, there was a special man who loved, more than anything, his island, his flock of sheep and partying with his friends. His name was Freddy Fredopolis.  Every day,

as he clutched his famous shephards cane, he would lead his sheep down from Mykonos’s windy mountains and into the twisted streets of Mykonos Town, also known as Chora.  As they made their way through the old town, they’d stop along the way, so the sheep could drink from the ancient wells, and so Freddy Fredopolis could drink at some of the local bars and tavernas with his friends. Freddy loved to pass the time sipping some spirits, mead and wine. He was also known to brew his own local moonshine, on occasion, to share with his friends and neighbors.  It is in his spirit that we continue this tradition and we honor the legend of Freddy Fredopolis.  Now, when the residents and visitors of Mykonos see the approaching shephard’s cane, they know that the party is about to begin!!!