Q:   How old do I have to be to join the Fredopolis Tour?

A:   The legal drinking age in Mykonos, Greece is 18 years of age. We will tell you no more, we will tell you no less.


Q:   What should I wear?

A:    You can dress to impress or not, this is Mykonos,  anything goes.


Q:   What if I’m late to the meeting point?

A:    "You can join the Fredopolis Tour at any time during the night, just stop by the meeting point, and we’ll let you know where we are and how to get there. Look for our tour guides with the Fredopolis Shepherd’s Cane, and hand them your confirmation/ticket.


Q:   What if I want to leave early?

A:    It’s up to you to stay at any venue, join up with the group later, or go home at any time with anyone you may have met along the way. Once again, “This is Mykonos”!


Q:   Am I too old/too gay/too straight/too wild/too awkward/too shy/too anything… to party with Fredopolis?

A:    This is Mykonos, if you are here, you’ve already answered your own question. Everyone in our group will surely have fun.


Q:   I am an idiot when I drink, can I still join?

A:    Yes, but our policy is “any dick heads will be asked to leave” in a very embarrassing manner.


Q:   Are there any risks involved?

A:    You must be responsible and acknowledge that there will be some drinking and walking at the same time, and that does involve some risk, even more so if you chew gum as well. There was probably much more risk when you boarded the plane or ship that brought you to Mykonos.